Brand Storyteller™

At Ascend we specialize in brand strategy, communication strategy, brand naming, visual identity and brand implementation. We leverage our expertise in developing innovative solutions designed to achieve growth. A brand is not a brand unless it narrates a unique story that involves the consumer on a personal level. Without this your brand is just another product that lacks a compelling idea.

Ascend is one of the Garden Routes leading creative agencies, providing advertising campaign development and management, photography, video, web design, brand development, public relations, and strategic planning services to clients globally.

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Your website should be a powerful business tool, a dynamic source of content and exciting experience.  Help us take your brand into the digital world. As the first point of interaction consumers are likely to have with your brand, your website is pivotal in engaging and retaining the interest of your target audience.

We believe in building websites that live beyond the “now”. Our full spectrum services include: performing detailed website audits that effectively improve site architecture, design, and responsiveness.

We manage the largest social media pages in the Garden Route Area and we are the only company that are experts in the field of social media influencing.

We are driven by a singular goal- to add value to our clients’ businesses by understanding, and then developing, quality solutions that drive quality traffic and leads – that  convert.

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