I was born in a small town in Namibia… Just kidding I am not going to take you back that far. While finishing my last year in Environmental Health studies in Cape Town, I developed an interest in Graphic Design and started an evening course at Hirt and Carter. After graduating I was very lucky to get a position in one of the globes most successful advertising agencies called Ogilvy & Mather. I fell in love immediately. I loved the fact that what we created contributed so immensely to the success of a company. I started to understand the true effect, successful branding and campaigns had. I never went back to Environmental Health and never looked back.

I started Ascend in 2008 and I still find inspiration in my work every day. I love the fact that I learn so many aspects of different businesses, services and clients. My approach is to imagine that my client’s business is my own and then craft the beautiful ideas, exciting solutions and enticing visuals from there. I believe that my success springs from this approach because I do thorough research to understand each individual and their business and I believe in my projects. I mostly work with clients who exist to bring change for the better.

More than 80% of my work is with existing clients and I strive to develop long term partnerships by attention to detail, care, simplicity, honesty and integrity. I believe in dreaming big, being authentic, staying positive and true to yourself every day, and most importantly to have fun while you are doing what you love.

Want to get to know me.

Here’s some of the things I love… Good coffee. Spending time with family and friends. My dogs. My stand up paddle board. Riding Horses. Beautiful Interiors. Scuba Diving -swimming with three whale sharks was one of the highlights in my life. Running. Photography. WIldlife and Nature.